A selection of Testimonials for Helen’s Rapid Hypnotherapy sessions.

Well I am totally blown away with how stronger and more focused but without actually realising that I am actually walking and holding myself with so much confidence, I even speak clearer and this is too help with like  you found it difficult in standing up for yourself, well it’s not a problem anymore. Because I don’t know how and I am not sure if the words are right but only words I can find. I don’t know how I am doing it, but somehow because of the way I am carrying and holding myself. Somehow makes others think before they disrespect.

Trish Coyle, Security

I am actually walking and holding myself with so much confidence

It’s strange – I feel greatly better than ever in a long time since coming back from you this time. My outlook and my whole thinking has changed, now I don’t even try to communicate with the people who put me down. I just turn my attention to those who think me worthy and are nice to me. That’s your hypnosis.

Trisha Webb, Waitress

My outlook and my whole thinking has changed

Since our session I am amazingly upbeat and very focused. I am sure that it is down to you for that I felt totally different Helen, on my last visit. And I can’t find words yet to describe it. Other than totally fantastic and better than positive.

Pattie Camden, Factory Worker

Totally fantastic and better than positive

After years of struggling with anxiety when driving, I was at my wits end. I heard that Helen could help me using the treatment of hypnosis. I booked a session and was immediately put at ease by Helen’s calming, gentle voice. She explained the process fully before beginning the hypnosis. I felt very relaxed. Using the after hypnosis guidelines that Helen clearly explained to me, I cannot believe how anxiety free I now feel when I get in my car. She has helped me feel so much more confident and worry free with my driving. Helen is very professional, a lovely person also and I would highly recommend her as your therapist.

Lorna Barbour, Chiropodist and Beauty Therapist

I would highly recommend her as your therapist.

“I had to go into hospital for a major operation and as always happens with me my biggest post operative issue is becoming constipated. This particular operation had the added problem that it would possibly hurt to do go so I was also causing issues through my fear of pain. The nurses reached a point where there was nothing they could do for me medically.

Helen was coming to visit me as a friend for some post operative care and i asked her if she could try hypnotherapy. As soon as she finished she had to leave the room for something. By the time she came back I was on the toilet! I have been emptying my bowels regularly everyday since. I can’t thank her enough. I have always had issues with not going regularly and now I truly believe thanks to Helen’s hypnotherapy I don’t anymore.”

Michelle Brown

I can’t thank her enough.